Sanja Festival Special Event


Due to the Asakusa Sanja Festival being held this weekend, our business hours and business details will change.

【Business Hour】

●5/20 (Sat)

10:00~10:45 Papier-mâché Painting experience

11:00~18:00 BAR open

※Experience hold on 10:00~10:45 only

●5/21 (Sun)

10:00~23:00 Bar open

All alcohol and soft drinks will be served at 500 yen for BAR business. We will also have a DJ and a miko (shrine maiden) dance performance to get you in the mood for the festival! Also, you can bring your own food for these two days only! Why don't you enjoy the Sanja Matsuri from the 4th floor of a cool building with food from the food stalls? ※Please refrain from bringing your own drinks.

We look forward to seeing you soon!