Japanese art body painting experience

Japanese art body painting experience

  • Implementation time:15min
  • Basic charge:Body paint 1 spot / S size (length up to 7cm)¥3,500
    Body paint 1 spot/M size (length up to 10cm) ¥4,500
    1 body paint spot/L size (length up to 15cm) ¥6,000
    * Original text other than the sample collection / per location ¥1,000
    Ex.Body paint in one location / L size (length up to 15cm)
    Basic charge¥6,000+Original Text Options+¥1,000 →total¥7,000
  • Maximum number of people:4 people/hour
    *Please contact us if you are booking for 4 or more people.
  • Event Date: By request reservation only

【Activity Description】

Would you like to experience fake tattoos of Japanese kanji and katakana?

This is a body paint that draws realistically using a unique technique using an airbrush.
An airbrush is a type of spray painting tool used for painting.
It takes a short time (10 to 15 minutes) and is made with special paint that is safe for the skin, so it is safe for children.

First, choose your favorite Japanese design from the sample collection.
After that, a professional artist will use his or her skills to complete the body art, from applying the color to the final finishing.

All you have to do is sit back and relax.
You can observe how wonderful art is created.

Body painting can also be done with character designs other than the sample collection, such as your own name.
If you would like a design other than the sample collection, please contact us at the time of reservation.
* Original designs other than the sample collection will incur an additional charge.

Wear kanji and katakana that express the spirit of Japan and enjoy your trip to Japan in a cool way!

【Activity features】

◎The lesson is recommended at all those who:
・People interested in body painting and art
・Those who want to experience the beautiful culture of Japan
・People who like kanji and katakana
・Fashion lovers

◎Photo and video allowed!
It is permitted to take photos and record videos during the experience.
*If you wish, our staff will take photos and videos of the experience and provide you with the data.
Note: We do not edit videos.

◎Multilingual support!
This experience is supported by an interpreter guide.
Languages available: English.

◎Best location for sightseeing in Asakusa!
The experience location is a good location, about 3-minute walk from Kaminari-mon.

【What's included】

Experience fee, consumption tax, paint, tools


・The duration is about 2 to 3 days. (Depending on the environment)
・It won't come off with sweat or showers, and it will fade if rubbed repeatedly.
 It can be removed by rubbing with cleansing or body soap.
・The paint contains alcohol, so please refrain from using it if you are allergic to alcohol.
・Please wear clothing or a change of clothes that you don't mind getting colored.