Koto - Japanese Traditional Instrument

  • Implementation time:45min
  • Basic charge:1~2person ¥17,600(inc.tax)※Same price for 1 or 2 person
          3person above/per person ¥8,800(inc.tax)
  • Event date:By request reservation only

【Activity description】

Would you like to join us for an inspiring experience to play the traditional Japanese instrument, the Koto, playing anime songs and world-famous hits?

Don't worry if this is your first time. The instructors will teach you with kindness and care, so you can enjoy yourself even if you have no previous musical experience.
At first, you will learn the basic playing and playing techniques of the koto. While learning the feel of plucking the strings and how to move your fingers, you will enjoy the beautiful sound of the koto.
Then, you will get sheet music of anime songs or hit tunes, and play your own favorite songs. The sound of the koto will give a new charm to your performance, and it will be very moving.
Once your performance is complete, take a video and proudly show off your performance to your friends and family. Everyone will be impressed by the beautiful tones of the koto.

Your first experience with the koto is a rare opportunity to experience the magic of music and traditional Japanese culture. Come explore a new world of music as you experience the joy of playing anime songs and hit tunes on the koto.

【Activity features】

◎The lesson is recommended at all those who:
· Are interested in Japanese traditional music.
· Want to experience the fascination of Japanese culture.
· Want to play koto for the first time.
· Want to meet directly with a qualified koto player.
· Anyone interested in learning more about Japanese culture, history and tradition is welcome!

◎Photo and video allowed!
It is permitted to take photos and record videos during the experience.

◎Best location for sightseeing in Asakusa!
The experience location is a good location, about 3-minute walk from Kaminari-mon.

◎Multilingual support!
This experience is supported by an interpreter guide.
Languages available: English.
Please make a reservation from below.↓