Mikomai - Shrine Maiden’s Dance

  • Implementation time:90min
  • Basic charge:1~2person ¥17,600(inc.tax)※Same price for 1 or 2 person
          3person above/per person ¥8,800(inc.tax)
  • Event date:By request reservation only

【Activity description】

Would you like to experience the charms of Asakusa with a "miko" (shrine maiden)? In this experience, a miko will serve as your guide, taking you on a tour of Asakusa's rich history and culture and teaching you about hidden spots and interesting facts.

Her wealth of knowledge and experience will take you to famous sites such as Senso-ji Temple and Nakamise Street, as well as to hidden gems. You will also hear some background stories about Asakusa's traditional events and sacred rituals.
On this experience, you will not only learn about history and culture, but you will also enjoy a Mikomai (shrine maiden's dance) experience.
The Mikomai is passed down from generation to generation by miko at shrines. Since Mikomai are often performed at Shinto rituals and ceremonies, many people may have never seen them before. Originally, it was said that the gods would descend upon the miko who danced the miko-mai and give her an oracle. In other words, by dancing the miko-mai, one can become one with the gods and nature. The Mikomai also contains a lot of "honoring the gods" and "beautiful manners" that have been valued by the Japanese people since ancient times.
For both Japanese and foreign visitors, it will be an opportunity to experience the beautiful culture of Japan and to learn about the spirituality that the Japanese people have always cherished.

【Activity features】

◎The lesson is recommended at all those who:
· Are interested in shrine maiden’s ceremonial dance.
· Want to experience the fascination of Japanese culture.
· Want to learn the Japanese “beautiful manners”.
· Like shrine and tradition.
· Want to know more about Shintō.
· Want to meet directly a real shrine maiden.
· Anyone interested in learning more about Japanese culture and spirituality is welcome!

◎Photo and video are allowed!
It is permitted to take photos and record videos during the experience.

◎Miko costume is provided
Taking photo while wearing the miko costume is allowed.

◎Best location for sightseeing in Asakusa!
The experience location is a good location, about 3-minute walk from Kaminari-mon.
The location is perfect for sightseeing in Asakusa with your family or group.

◎Multilingual support!
This experience is supported by an interpreter guide.
Languages available: English.
Please make a reservation from below.↓