Mizuhiki accessories Crafting

Mizuhiki accessories Crafting

  • Implementation time:45min
  • Basic charge:¥ 3,500 (inc.tax)
  • Event date:Every day (except regular closing day)

【Activity Description】

Let's make handmade mizuhiki accessories at the popular Japanese cultural experience cafe in Asakusa.

Mizuhiki is a decorative string used on the front of congratulatory and non-gratulatory envelopes, and is a decorative string material mainly used for yunoshin, gift covers, and New Year's decorations.

The beauty and delicacy of its curved lines are unique to Japanese culture, and there are details and deep meanings behind the way it is tied and the number of knots, with different types used for different occasions.

These days, mizuhiki is used for a wide variety of purposes, including decorative items, accessories, and interior decorations. Mizuhiki is also recommended for presentment, as it has the meaning of bringing people together, since it is made by pulling a string and tying it together. It is also light and small, making it an ideal souvenir for travel.

We offer many colors and types of mizuhiki. From beginners to experts, aim to complete as much as you are able!

Our staff will support you, so even first-timers can enjoy creating.

【Available type of accessories】
・pierced earrings
・key chain

【Activity features】

◎The lesson is recommended at all those who: · Are interested in craftmanship and handmade.
· Want to experience the fascination of Japanese culture.
· Want to make an original gift.
· There is no age limit, so you can participate with your children.

◎Best location for sightseeing in Asakusa!
The experience location is a good location, about 3-minute walk from Kaminari-mon.
The location is perfect for sightseeing in Asakusa with your family or group.

◎Multilingual support!
This experience is supported by an interpreter guide.
Languages available: English.
Please make a reservation from below.↓