Art Japanese fan crafting

Art Japanese fan crafting

  • Implementation time:45min
  • Basic charge:¥ 3,500 (
  • Event date:Every day (except regular closing day)

【Activity Description】

Let's decorate a traditional Japanese handicraft, "Sensu"(folding fan), with your ideas to create a your own unique handmade fan.

You can enjoy decorating with stamps and markers. There is no need to have special skills or be good at drawing.

You can create your customized fan by freely choosing different shapes and colors of stamps and applying your own creative design.

Our staff will guide you through the steps so even if this is your first time, you can enjoy the creating process.

By incorporating modern stamp art into a traditional folding fan, a new work of art is created that blends tradition and modernity.

Your one and only personalized fan that you have made yourself will become an item to cherish and remember.

【Activity features】

◎The lesson is recommended at all those who: · Are interested in craftmanship and handmade.
· Want to experience the fascination of Japanese culture.
· Want to make an original gift.
· There is no age limit, so you can participate with your children.

◎Best location for sightseeing in Asakusa!
The experience location is a good location, about 3-minute walk from Kaminari-mon.
The location is perfect for sightseeing in Asakusa with your family or group.

◎Multilingual support!
This experience is supported by an interpreter guide.
Languages available: English.
Please make a reservation from below. ↓