Kōji Takano's Calligraphy Artworks - “Grilled Eel”

Kōji Takano's Calligraphy Artworks - “Grilled Eel”

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A unique drawing illustrated by Creative Japanese Calligraphy Artist Kōji Takano.
This artwork was drawn in WActivity JAPAN live session on YouTube.



A tasty grilled eel, in Japanese「蒲焼」“kabayaki”, is the is the protagonist of this artwork.
The author created this dynamic illustration on the occasion of “Midsummer Day of the Ox” (「土用の丑の日」“Doyō no Ushi no Hi”), also called “Unagi Day” due to the custom of eating eels.
It is read: “Don't rush, proceed slowly without being in a hurry” (「急ぐことはない あせらずゆっくり」“Isogu koto wa nai aserazu yukkuri”).
Because this celebration held in late July, the author suggests do not rush but to proceed slowly to avoid getting sick due the high temperatures.


Kōji Takano - Creative Japanese Calligraphy Artist



¥9,000(shipping cost not included)



Frame W43×H33×D0.7cm

Drawing W36×H25cm


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